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Debbie Lawrence ITEC.MCD(arom) Reiki Master Teacher

The Holistic Therapy Centre

The Business

Business opportunity for Essential Oil Advocates

If you love doTERRA essential oils as much as I do you might be interested in the opportunity to incorporate the oils in your life in another way, by using them as a source of income!

Already thousands of people are benefiting themselves and their families by becoming a Wellness Advocate with doTERRA. After experiencing the effects of these oils it’s only natural to want to share your experiences with others. In fact that’s how most people come to the business aspect of doTERRA, naturally wanting to share the oils and help others find a natural healthcare solution, and as an added bonus being compensated for your efforts.

Are you a therapist looking for an extra income stream in your business? I have found the oils are an amazing addition to my treatments and they can be for you too! Not only do these oils enhance the effects of every treatment I give, they allow me to empower people with ways they can support their health between treatments too. I now use these essential oils with every treatment I offer whether it be Reiki, Massage, Hopi Ear Candling or Meditation. There is a place for them in every treatment I can think of and I will show you how becoming a Wellness Advocate could benefit your current business too.

Are you fed up in the job you are in? Are you a mum or dad looking for a work from home business? When you're a Wellness Advocate, you can supplement your income, or even replace your income, by doing what comes naturally when you're working with such incredible products: selling, sharing, and talking about the amazing essential oils!

I love to mentor people, it’s a passion of mine, my team is very important to me. It would be a pleasure to share my knowledge with you, working at a pace you are comfortable with to help you to succeed.

What I offer:

· 1-1 education on how to build your business.

· Builders pack covering all aspects of running your doTERRA business.

· My continued mentoring as you grow.

· My desire for you to experience the same success as I am.

· The support of a great team of incredible people.

· Regular catch-ups, on-going training, education, motivation!

To get more information about this business opportunity, CLICK HERE to schedule a call.