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Debbie Lawrence ITEC.MCD(arom) Reiki Master Teacher

The Holistic Therapy Centre

Next Workshop's

Marlow, Buckinghamshire 

Sunday 6th February 2022

Please email me via the form below

or call me to discuss your requirements.

Debbie Lawrence

07859 865148

doAROMA Reiki

Practitioner Workshop

doAROMA Reiki is a 60 minute full body, multi sensory, intuitive treatment that leaves your clients feeling AMAZING and asking to rebook for more!!

It is a powerful combination of natural and holistic techniques that give your client an experience they wont forget, and cant help to talk to their friends and family about.

The day is jam packed with techniques. If you love lots of tea breaks and long lunches this isn't the workshop for you!

  • You will learn how to use essential oils with your Reiki treatments that bring results.
  • How to give intuitive readings to your clients during their treatments so they go away fulfilled and empowered with new ways to move forward.
  • You will have a fully insurable doAROMA Reiki qualification that enables you to add the power of essential oils into your Reiki treatments.
  • And have a new way to give additional support to your clients, one that enhances their healing journey and also massively increases your income potential.

During this workshop you will learn what an essential oil is and how it works so effectively with our body as a powerful form of plant based medicine. 

You will receive your doAROMA Reiki attunement. This attunement includes a guided meditation to meet your AromaReiki Guide and attune you to the AROMAReiki symbol you will use during your treatments.

You will learn how to perform the dōAROMA Reiki Full Body Reset Technique, Chakra Balance Essential Oil Protocol, Aromatic Reiki technique and perform a Body Scan & Release. This one technique alone more than doubled my client base. Plus you'll have a powerful new symbol you can use that extends the healing effects of your treatment.

You will learn how to prepare and programme an essential oil for your client to take home and use following their treatment, and have a way you can add a substantial extra income stream to your Reiki practice.

Last but not least because you are important too, you will learn how to perform a self doAROMA Reiki Treatment using a chakra balance guided meditation that takes you through the steps of using these amazing essential oils and Reiki on yourself.

Plenty of time will be spent practising the techniques involved so you will get to experience the effects for yourself and leave confident in bringing this exciting new treatment to your clients.

This day is a truly healing experience for everyone that comes. 

Why train with me?

I have been practising as a Reiki Master Teacher, Massage Therapist and Meditation Facilator for 17 years and have had the pleasure of teaching hundreds of people during this time.

I started teaching dōAROMA Reiki in 2018 after I experienced how the Reiki energy powered up when combined with the essential oils during a treatment. The oils wanted to be on the body, it wasn't enough to just have the oils diffusing in the room or on the hands during the treatment. I discovered when the oils were applied topically to the body amazing, powerful, healing shifts occurred.

I developed a scanning technique to intuitively find out what emotions were being released during the treatment, which oil was needed for the client to use after the treatment and a simple way I can pass this knowledge on to others so they can easily do the same.

Since practising dōAROMA Reiki, 99% of my Reiki clients have switched to this method when they come for their appointments and a many of my massage clients have switched to this new treatment too.

It has increased repeat bookings as clients love to come for this treatment on a regular basis. It has also brought in lots of new clients as people talk about their experiences with friends and family members.

Clients tell me they are amazed by how powerful the oils are when combined with the Reiki energy and how accurate the intuitive information given at the treatment is for them. I have more than trebled my monthly income and my love and passion for Reiki has been reignited as I look forward to each treatment, excited for the results I know it will bring.

It would truly be an honour to share this knowledge with you and guide you to achieve the same successes I have seen for my business. 

Here are some experiences from some of the Reiki Practitioners that have already added this style of Reiki to their treatments.

When I took the doAROMA Reiki workshop I thought I would simply add another string to my bow for clients to choose from. However, it has been so much more than that. Nearly every single one of my clients has chosen this treatment over the others I offer and book it regularly! Consistent feedback is how deeply it helps them relax and quietens their mind. I work a lot with anxiety so for my clients this is a rare treat. I describe it as going to ‘the in between lands’! The body is so deeply relaxed you cant move, the mind is still, yet you are totally present. People have had significant shifts too, either immediately afterwards or in the following days so having the oil to use really holds them as they heal. Those who come regularly also experience a ‘shedding’ of old emotions, freeing them to feel in alignment again. Lots of people have subsequently wanted to use the oils in other ways so have begun their journey with doTERRA thanks to this treatment.

Adele W – Hazlemere

“DoAroma Reiki is such a lovely add on to traditional Reiki, using essential oils makes it such a lovely treatment to give as well as well as to receive.

Catherine B – Marlow

I did the doAroma Reiki workshop with Debbie when I was only a Level 1 Reiki Practitioner and I was not a therapist and had no massage experience. I had no plans to offer this treatment as a service to people, just for friends and family. I loved the day, the oils smell so lovely and Debbie explained things really well. We got to practice on each other, and I was hooked. Especially massaging the oil onto the feet. Some months down the line this is one of my most popular treatments. I have a lot of great feedback from people who have had doAroma Reiki treatments and I have been so surprised that every time the client has been able to relate to the emotional block that I pick up during the treatment and the love the fact they can take some oil with them afterwards.

Cathy H

First let me say a big thank you for your doAroma training! I absolutely loved it! When I came back I did the four treatments straight away on friends and family, they all loved it! Since then, I have put a couple of posts on facebook and I am now doing paid treatments! Five so far and another two this week.


Debbie thank you for such a lovely and empowering day. The treatment is absolutely beautiful and so cleansing and healing. I cannot wait to introduce to my clients

Carol L

How much does it cost?

Your investment for this workshop is £250. 

Included in the price is;

  • AROMAReiki Essential Oil Kit - Your own set of the therapeutic grade essential oils used in this treatment and a bottle of fractionated coconut oil. 
  • A comprehensive doAROMA Reiki manual, 
  • A FREE wholesale account with doTERRA as a gift from me giving you access to a 25% discount on any oils purchases over the next 12 months. 
  • Recordings of all the guided meditations covered on the day.
  • A bonus guided meditation you can gift to clients to continue the effects of their treatment in their own home. 
  • Entry into our ever growing community of doAROMA Reiki Practitioners via our private Face Book Group.
  • Your doAROMA Reiki Practitioner Certificate which will enable you to obtain the insurance you need to practice.

Everything you need is included in the price, so you can add this treatment to your practice straight away.



I am not yet Reiki trained can I join your doAROMA Reiki workshop? – You do need to be trained in Reiki to add doAROMA Reiki to your treatments. However, I do offer an intensive Reiki 1,2 and doAROMA Reiki weekend at a reduced price, or training in the levels individually.

I am only trained up to level 1 would I get a full doAROMA Reiki Practitioner certificate? – At Reiki 1 you would get a certificate of attendance that would be upgraded free of charge to the full Practitioner certificate as soon as you have taken Reiki 2 and emailed me a copy of the certificate.

I am not USUI Reiki trained can I still take your doAROMA Reiki workshop? – Yes, doAROMA Reiki is open to anyone attuned to any level or style of Reiki.

I already have a doterra account. Can I have a discount on the price of the workshop? The wholesale account is a gift from me therefore I wouldn’t be able to reduce the cost of the workshop for you.

Is this an accredited workshop? Yes this workshop is fully accredited with the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine. And have registered it as a treatment with Balens Insurance Company. 

So are you ready for the next level in your Reiki practice?

If you are book your place now using the. form below

Workshop Dates 2021

The Holistic Therapy Centre,

42 High Street,



SL7 1AW 

Next Workshop

Sunday 19th September 2021 

Please email me via the form below

or call me to discuss your requirements.

Debbie Lawrence

07859 865148

Book your place on a doAROMA Reiki Workshop

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My gift to you a FREE doTERRA wholesale account to open up a 25% discount on any future oils purchashes for 12 months.
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